My husband and I have had the opportunity to start several businesses over the years, from which I’ve obtained a broad spectrum of general business experience.  He tends to be the one that has the great ideas, and I'm typically the one behind the scenes putting it all together.  (We really make a great team!)

When I can put all the necessary “paperwork” aside though, my favorite thing to do is pull out a marketing project.  I believe it’s important for a company to get organized, brand their business, and be consistent, so I’m an enthusiast when it comes to conforming the forms they use and their presence online and in print media.  Of course, we still have our other business responsibilities, and when you top that off with being the mother of two beautiful children, you’ll understand why I never stop moving, and why coffee is my dearest friend.


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Being a business owner, a seasoned QuickBooks user, a mother, a colleague, etc., I often find myself as the “go-to” person for all sorts of things, so I've put together a quick list of answers to frequently asked questions that I can direct people to. By clicking below, you agree that there's no claim to accuracy, and that you are using at your own discretion.

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